New York State Sex Offender Registry

The New York State Sex Offender Registry contains information regarding sex offenders residing in New York State. A sex offender is classified into one of three different levels depending on the risk of a repeated offense and the risk to public safety. The College shall comply with federal and state law concerning the Sex offender Registration Act. Registry information can be accessed at:

Internet: Information regarding high risk sex offenders (Level 3) may be accessed through the DCJS (Division of Criminal Justice Services) website:

Local Police Department: Each month, local police agencies receive updated copies of the Subdirectory of High-Risk (Level 3) Sex Offenders, which lists all level 3 offenders in New York State.

The Subdirectory is made available for review by the general public, along with photographs of those offenders. Contact your local police agency for further information in the Town of Poughkeepsie, the town in which Marist College is located, one should contact the Department at 845-485-3666.