Sociology and Social Work Course Information

Program of Study

The Program of Study which follows this introduction is the visual display of the total curriculum required to earn the BSW. It includes the liberal arts perspective and the professional foundation. It also includes the Marist Core/Professional Studies requirements. The Program of Study is organized in the appropriate sequence that supports student mastery of introductory material prior to exposure to advanced material.

The Marist Core/Professional Studies requirements generally provide the well rounded perspective needed for social work education. Several additional specific professional studies courses are also required. Referred to as "related field requirements", they are Topics in Biology (BIOL 101L) or Human Biology (BIOL 237L); Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 101L); and either Introduction to Political Science (POSC 101L)or American National Government (POSC 110L).

The professional foundation is provided through all the sociology (SOC) and social work (SOCW) courses identified in the Program of Study. These courses include content in social work values and ethics, diversity, social and economic justice, populations at risk, human behavior and the social environment, social welfare policy and services, social work practice, research and field practicum.

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Students will be held to the requirements of the catalog of the year in which they declare their major. Following are the requirements for the most recent catalog.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work


Students who have declared their major in a prior year should consult the appropriate catalog.