2018-2019 Freshman Cost of Attendance:

Cost of Attendance includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, personal and transportation expenses, and loan fees. The Cost of Attendance is determined by Marist College in accordance with federal regulations and may vary from student to student.

 Billed Freshman Resident Expenses-2018-2019:                                                                     
Tuition & Fees          $39,600.00
Room & Board $15,550.00
Sub Total Billed:  $55,150.00
  Non-Billed Freshman Resident Expenses:                               
Books & supplies           $1,000.00


Personal/Miscellaneous $1,000.00
Sub Total Non-Billed: $3,000.00
 Total 18-19 Cost of Attendance:    $58,150.00