Information Technology and Systems B.S.


Goals and Objectives


Tim O'Leary and Professor Matheus

Senior IT major, Tim O'Leary, discusses plans with Professor Anne Matheus.

Information Technology and Systems (ITS) is an exciting new major that combines the best of Information Systems and Information Technology. ITS provides a common foundation in computing and business before branching into two concentrations: Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS).

Trisha Woolley

As an Information Systems Senior, Trisha Woolley, performed an Information Quality Analysis at the Dutchess County Office for the Aging. She is seen here with her executive presentation. Trisha is now a Ph. D. student at the University of MA, Amherst.

An ITS major with a concentration in IS provides students with a broad background in the rapidly changing discipline of Information Systems that serves as a bridge between Computer Science and Business. The program's courses offer a balance of technical and business skills that are pertinent to the development, implementation and maintenance of information systems in a variety of organizational settings. IS includes an exciting focus on Business Intelligence, Data Measures, Data Warehouses and Information Quality.

Networking Lab Networking Lab

Professor Rob Cannistra (on the right in both pictures) enjoys many happy moments as he teaches and advises students in our advanced networking labs.

Networking Lab

An ITS major with a concentration in IT prepares students in the areas of networking technologies, web technologies and multimedia. In the area of networking technologies, the hardware and software components of networks and issues related to the design, implementation, administration, and security of networks will be studied. Web technology courses will deal with the latest technologies in web development including client-side and server-side technologies and e-commerce systems. Students will also study multimedia and the design of graphical interfaces.

Course Requirements Recommended Course Sequence Course Descriptions

Alumni Profiles & Quotes

Chris Patla

"Out of 40 interns, from a wide variety of colleges including many ivy league schools, at Morgan Stanley I was 1 of 3 to be extended an offer!" Chris Patla, '07

Some of the Careers Available to Graduates of this Program

Network Administrator
Systems Analyst
Project Manager
Technical Writer
Database Administrator
Programmer Analyst
Web Developer
Data Quality Analyst


Recently, three of our alumni were named Vice Presidents. Two of Information Technology at Morgan Stanley and one of Application Performance Engineering at Goldman, Sachs & Co. (see Alumni Profiles & Quotes).

ITS students are in great demand.

  • Internships are plentiful in prestigious business, e.g., IBM, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, Progressive Insurance, Sportsnet N.Y., etc.
  • Graduates obtain exciting jobs to start their careers
  • All students obtained jobs either by graduation or immediately following graduation

Regular classes contribute to local businesses while students gain invaluable experience.

  • Data Quality in IS class performs a study at local industry
  • IS Project class completes projects for industries and businesses
  • Marist/IBM joint study continues


During the past year the ITS faculty produced a combined 13 Research Papers including presentations at MIT, Las Vegas, California, Florida and Michigan among others!

Professor Labouseur

Professor Alan Labouseur (far right) discusses Database issues with two students.

The faculty maintains close relationship with all students through small classes and exciting projects. Our research is only important to keep us on the leading edge of technology and systems. Research is used to augment learning experiences in class rooms. ITS Faculty continue to exhibit leadership in the field.

  • The President of Argentina presented the Sadosky Prize to Dr. Lauria for writing the best IT Research paper in Argentina.
  • Dr. Lauria and Dean Norton took an MSTM class to China for two weeks.
  • Dr. Robbins was awarded an NSF Grant to pursue computer modeling of ethical decision making.
  • Dr. Fisher was distinguished lecturer of Data Quality at the University of Arkansas.
  • Dr. Fisher and Dr. Lauria, along with colleagues from Albany and MIT, published the book, "Introduction to Information Quality."
  • Dr. Harrington published her 38th book, "SQL Clearly Explained, 3rd edition."
  • Professor Rob Cannistra continues to earn numerous advanced certifications in networking from a variety of organizations. In November he completed Cisco's advanced teaching certification.

Five students enjoy a few moments at our annual open house. From left, Tim O'Leary chose to show his Boston Red Sox hat, while Sean O'Connor, Brooke Lowell, Matt Bertolini, and Mike Ardizzone look on.