Fashion Merchandising

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 MPorium is an entrepreneurial boutique operated by Marist merchandising students


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The Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising concentrates on the planning, procurement, and marketing aspects of the fashion business. Students learn to research target markets, analyze business results and develop strategies that effectively meet the needs of consumers. In their senior year, Merchandising students create an in-depth research intensive project in collaboration with a major fashion company. 

The Merchandising major  relies upon foundational courses such as Fashion in Culture & Commerce, Digital Software studies, Textiles, then advances with concentration specific offerings in Business, Product Development or Fashion Promotion.  The Business concentration is augmented by courses in related fields (Accounting, Business, Communications and Economics) highlighting the importance of business skills in today's workplace. The addition of electives such as Accessory Merchandising, Fashion Branding & Licensing, and Product Sourcing greatly contribute to the enrichment and fulfillment of the concentration. The Fashion Promotion concentration is enhanced with courses in related fields such as, Fashion Show Production, Visual Merchandising and Communications.  The Product Development concentration includes coursework such as Supply Chain Management, Private Label Development, Branding & Licensing and Sustainability.

Fashion Merchandising Curriculum & Requirements

Students wishing to study fashion merchandising @ Marist must submit a required merchandising project in addition to their application.

Fashion Merchandising
Fashion Merchandising