Deans' Circle

The Deans' Circle program at Marist was started in September of 1999 and is designed to mentor, cultivate and support the "best and brightest" students at Marist by providing individualized attention and support services. It is directed at students who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen fields in the future.

The mission of the Deans' Circle is to help students identify their strengths, helping them to experience special challenges and the best opportunities available to them. These initiatives include stimulating interest in and support to obtain nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships, obtain practical experience through internships, entrance into quality graduate programs and/or attractive positions in high quality companies.

Deans' Circle students are not only academically excellent, they are socially aware, service oriented, and dedicated to life long learning. This program is designed to encourage these values. We invite students to this program to challenge them to think beyond college and about the things they might achieve after the undergraduate experience.