Values Awareness in the Marist Core


 The College's emphasis on values awareness builds upon the Marist Brothers' living legacy and 
 provides the community with a strong sense of shared purpose. As stated in the Mission Statement,
 education at the College involves character development as well as intellectual enrichment and 
 skill instruction. 

 This commitment takes curricular form in the Marist Core. The themes linked to the First Year Seminar
 and Writing for College course—Civic Engagement, Cultural Diversity, Nature & the Environment, 
 and Quantitative Reasoning—ensure that values awareness is a key aspect of your learning from
 the very outset of your time at the College.

 The required Philosophical Perspectives course, another common experience for first-year students, 
 provides you with a strong foundation upon which to build your own answers to questions involving
 knowledge, reality, and human values. The Ethics and Justice distribution requirement encourages
 you to explore even more fully the relationship between broad principles and specific problems and
 challenges. Many Pathways (e.g. Public Health; Gender Studies; Global Studies) offer opportunities
 to apply your insights to pressing real-world questions. Finally, the senior-level Capping course connects
 these academic experiences to a culminating research experience requiring you to consider values
 questions related to a particular academic and/or professional context.