Dr. Judith Stoddard

Director of Institutional Research

Judith G. Stoddard

Judith comes to Marist with 20 years of institutional research, analysis, assessment and planning experience, in the support of long-range plans and executive decision making in a corporate setting.
Her Masters degree is in Evaluation and Measurement with survey design, analysis, data collection, and statistics comprising the major components of the program. For her doctorate in Global Affairs, she performed a comparative analysis of social stability indicators (school enrollment, GDP PPP, life expectancy, respect for human rights and rule of law among others) in countries that are experiencing governmental change, utilizing both qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Judith’s research and analysis experience is from Bell Labs and AT&T International. Her successful advancing work at Bell Labs and AT&T has been in program evaluation, metrics, cost/benefit analysis, benchmarking surveys, data collection, and reporting. She has developed a set of principles to guide the establishment of new programs and evaluate existing programs, manage research staff and budgets in support of administrative decision making, long-range plans, policies and institutional reviews. She has been successful conceptualizing how to measure and evaluate policies, programs, and demand for new services, and finds this work exciting and rewarding.

Her research and analysis has revealed the need to sometimes merge programs to eliminate duplication, while expanding others to meet emerging needs and identified gaps in program offerings. Judith has worked in ‘big data’ collection stores and data warehouses requiring careful IT participation, data mining, and analysis. She started her career in IT, and that foundation has benefited her as the basis of her work.